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  The door of Eugenie's chamber was opposite to the walled-up entranceto this room. At the other end of the landing were the appartements ofthe married pair, which occupied the whole front of the house. MadameGrandet had a room next to that of Eugenie, which was entered througha glass door. The master's chamber was separated from that of his wifeby a partition, and from the mysterious strong-room by a thick wall.Pere Grandet lodged his nephew on the second floor, in the highmansarde attic which was above his own bedroom, so that he might hearhim if the young man took it into his head to go and come. WhenEugenie and her mother reached the middle of the landing they kissedeach other for good-night; then with a few words of adieu to Charles,cold upon the lips, but certainly very warm in the heart of the younggirl, they withdrew into their own chambers.

  "Here you are in your room, my nephew," said Pere Grandet as he openedthe door. "If you need to go out, call Nanon; without her, beware! thedog would eat you up without a word. Sleep well. Good-night. Ha! why,they have made you a fire!" he cried. cheap real hair extensions

  At this moment Nanon appeared with the warming pan. cheap hair extensions clip in

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